Brad Schimel is Getting Results
No one is doing more to keep Wisconsin families safe than Attorney General Brad Schimel. Brad has spent his career prosecuting criminals and fighting for victims – right here in Wisconsin.

Now, as our Attorney General, Brad is working with law enforcement and community leaders all across Wisconsin to make our schools safer and get justice for victims of sexual assault.

Sexual Assault Test Kits

For years, Madison career politicians have ignored Wisconsin’s back-log of sexual assault testing kits. These kits sat neglected in police evidence lockers or hospital labs across Wisconsin. When Brad Schimel became Attorney General, he knew this was a problem that needed to be solved – and he went to work. Brad found the funding and identified labs across the country to help test the back-log of kits. Now, every Wisconsin sexual assault kit will be tested by the end of 2018.

Attorney General Brad Schimel is getting results for the victims of sexual assault.


No one is doing more to improve the safety of Wisconsin’s schools than Attorney General Brad Schimel. The Attorney General’s School Safety Grant program is distributing $100 million to school districts across Wisconsin to help improve the physical safety of our schools. School leaders are using these grants to update surveillance, harden entrances, and install cutting-edge gunshot detection sensors. Brad is working with school leaders and local law enforcement officials to create a statewide threat assessment program, which focuses on mental health and other key indicators that can lead to school violence.

Attorney General Brad Schimel is getting results for parents, teachers, and students all over Wisconsin.


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